Architecture and Urbanism
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Antoine Stinco

Studied at Ecole Nationale Speriére des Beaux-Arts in Paris (studio Edourard Albert-Paul Herbe - Jean Prouvé). Worked on light and mobile architecture and particularly on inflated structures. Exhibited inflated structure in the ARC (Museum of Modern Arts of Paris) in 1968.
Participate with GAU (Urban Architecture Group) in renewal for urban architecture in France in 1974. Opened his architectural firm in 1984. His major works include “Jeu de paume” National Gallery in Tuilerie garden in Paris (1991), school and Flore wing of the Louvre, six kiosks in Tuilerie garden in Paris (1993–1996) and Fine Arts Museum of Angers (2004). Fashion design artist with Christiane Bailly Associates (1970–1990).Taught sculpture department at Beaux-Art in Paris (1993–1999).

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